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We change WORLDS™

with multi-sensory experiences

No two Worlds™ are the same, but we guarantee that a visit to any will leave you feeling in some way better.



Each world transports the viewer into a different imaginary universe, using the awe-inspiring power of 360 domes.

Each can be enjoyed as a wild ride of pure entertainment,

Each can also be seen as a deeper source of inspiration. 

Discover our immersive Worlds™

Our multi-sensory experiences are rich artistic collaborations, all making a positive impact through the Change Worlds initiative.


Mesmerica 360 is the revolutionary multi-sensory mindfulness adventure that started it all.


Beautifica 360 is the next step in the Mesmerica journey - a euphoric celebration of life.

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Mesmerica XL is the latest reimagining of James Hood's worlds for giant-screen cinemas.

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Discover Beautifica Air
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