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WORLDS’ revolutionary operation turns planetariums into mainstream entertainment destinations after-hours, entertaining families with immersive experiences which inspire hope that can Change Worlds - while catalyzing measurable growth in venues’ science missions.
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Planetarium awareness is way up ...
... people are coming back [to other shows] ...
... our August revenue is up 185% from last year

   Ryan Bennett, Planetarium Manager
   University of North Texas, Denton
Unlike traditional planetarium distributors, our shows cost our venues nothing - there are no licensing fees… yet can bring in significant direct and indirect revenue, while significantly helping venues’ science education missions.

If you’re interested in becoming the WORLDS™️ venue for your area, please get in touch with our

Venue Engagement team
Over 750,000 tickets sold in 50 cities.
Up to $500,000 a year spent on marketing each venue*

*based on operational data
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Audiences love our shows

"I enjoyed the production very much. Gave me flashbacks to the 60's and 70's psychedelic venue I had while in college. But much better done and very relaxing and introspection making"

As conventional cinema struggles, our huge marketing budgets can drive hundreds of thousands of visitors to planetariums and giant screen theaters.

Our goal is to be at the forefront of this new era of cinema; while reinventing what entertainment can mean to its audiences, venues and communities.

Our goal, simply put, is to Change Worlds™.

"Sold out in an astonishingly short time...has brought in a steady stream of new visitors. MESMERICA is an exceptional experience for planetariums and museums across the country"

Kathleen Meyer

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, Portland

Case Study: Orange Coast Planetarium

Mesmerica served as an effective tool for expanding our audience base and introducing new visitors to the planetarium. Its appeal attracted individuals who may not have previously considered attending our programs, exposing them to the wonders of our facility and igniting their interest in other offerings.

This broader outreach was instrumental in broadening awareness of the planetarium within the community, and the scheduling flexibility allowed us to seamlessly work around other programs and ensure a full calendar of engaging events for our visitors.


From a financial perspective, Mesmerica brought in a substantial amount of additional revenue, which played a valuable role in supporting our planetarium's operations and enabled us to explore new program opportunities. The success of the show provided a welcome boost to our budget, allowing us to invest in other initiatives that enhanced the overall visitor experience.

Mesmerica brought a distinct artistic element to our programming and left a lasting impression on those who experienced it."


Scott Mitchell

Orange Coast College Planetarium


How we select our venues

Becoming a WORLDS™️ venue can bring unprecedented revenue and traffic, including measurable uplifts in daytime science programming. The vast majority of our venues are planetariums. However, we also work with giant-screen cinemas and flying rides.
However our aim to change our audiences’ worlds and create a consistent world-class experience means we have high technical and operational requirements; we cannot work with all venues.  

Please note: we only select one venue in each municipal region to work with.  A waiting list is available, so please do say hello if we are already active in your region.

If you’re interested in becoming the WORLDS™️ venue for your area, please get in touch with our

Venue Engagement team

What will it cost us to host WORLDS™️ shows?

Nothing.  We are a turnkey operation that simply operates your venues at night and gives you revenue while driving loads of attendees to all your shows.


What is our commitment - what if we don’t like the experience?

We are your guests: you always remain in control. We work on rolling monthly contracts with all our venues,


Are there live musicians involved?

No. Our shows are designed to be magical without needing live elements. Each WORLD™️ is supplied as a self-contained movie designed for push-button operation.

Do I need to provide staff, or a marketing budget?

Our team takes care of all marketing, online ticket sales, check-in staff and customer service.  All we require from venues is a security guard, a planetarium operator and one or two ushers.


What if our planetarium operator is busy on the weekends?

We recognise that staffing can be one of our host venues' biggest challenges.   Our Worlds™️ Planetarium Show Operator Program can provide world-class professional operators with full background checks and indemnity insurance.  To learn more about this please drop us a line.


What if we are offered a higher paying booking for an evening?

We want you to have every opportunity to make the best use of your space, so we are happy to yield dates for higher paid corporate events or weddings, as long as tickets aren’t on sale yet.  


Will my venue be altered/filled with equipment?

No, we are invisible - we leave our venues as we find them after each night.  We may ask for your help storing a small amount of equipment between shows, requiring minimal space.


How will we be represented in the marketing?

Our team will work with you to ensure you’re happy with how your venue is presented; you always have the final say.


How are customer enquiries handled?

Our priority is to ensure the reputation of both WORLDS and our venues is impeccable.  To that end our incomparable customer service team provides round-the-clock live chat and email support.  Customers contacting the venue directly can be quickly and easily redirected to our online customer service team.

Are more WORLDS™️ shows planned?

We have a full slate of new shows in development and production.

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