A Growth Partner for your Science Venue

WORLDS™️ immersive experiences transform your planetarium or giant screen into a vibrant hub of art entertainment after-hours, driving revenue, awareness of your venue, and growth of your science mission.


Attract a whole new audience

WORLDS™️ huge marketing spend directly benefits your venue, without you paying a penny.

Attendance Our shows sell out for months on end, bringing all ages of attendee into your environment

Awareness This drives huge awareness of your venue, at no cost to you

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"99% of Mesmerica audiences are first-time visitors. [It's] a completely different audience to those who usually visit." Keith Laba - ASC

"Mesmerica is an exceptional experience for planetariums and museums [which] has brought in a steady stream of new visitors" Kathleen Meyer - OMSI


Put a rocket under your science education mission

WORLDS™️ shows measurably increase awareness of daytime science programming. This symbiotic relationship is key to our operation, and one of our four social impact pillars.

Increase ticket sales of your science programming

Introduce brand new audiences to science

Boost science education KPIs

Drive growth of your venue


Drive Revenue

Partnering with WORLDS can generate significant revenue for your facility, helping you achieve your financial goals.

'We paid off our debts thanks to Mesmerica"

A venue director in Western USA

"Mesmerica has proven to be an amazing way to fill in holes where you might be falling short on revenue."

Sheree Westerhaus - Louisiana Art & Science Museum, Baton Rouge

Helping your operation

Let us solve your technical and personnel problems

Whether you have technical and staffing problems, we can help! Think of us as an extension of your team.

"I can not say enough about the professionalism of the staff......or the dramatic enhancement in the quality of the sound" “Vastly improved our theater audio experience""Amazing Sound!"

Optimise your system

We check and calibrate your audio and projection systems  

Accelerate repairs

We can advance funds for bulb and equipment replacements    

Boost sound quality

Our proprietary techniques massively improve your sound system's performance

Alleviate staffing pressures

We can provide certified, highly trained additional planetarium operators

About our shows

Audiences love WORLDS™️ shows

All of our shows are different, but they all have the same goal - see 'Our Worlds' for more.

Audience quote

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Audience quote

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Audience quote

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Change Worlds™️

Social Impact

At the heart of everything we do is a wish to improve the world using the power of art. An evening at WORLDS™️ is designed to be the antidote to hopelessness, leaving the audience feeling uplifted, inspired and powerful. Our Change Worlds™️ social impact operation extends this mission into the community around your venue, helping your community change their worlds. Learn more

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Current venues

Trusted by over 60 leading science centers / planetariums

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In their words...

Ryan Bennett

Planetarium Manager, UNT, Denton TX

Planetarium awareness is way up; our August revenue is up 185% from last year and it’s the fastest social media growth we’ve ever seen….people are coming back. -

David Lee


WORLDS has been instrumental in driving direct revenue for our venue. Their support has not only helped us financially but also boosted our growth prospects.

Keith Laba

Chief Data Analytics Officer, ASC, Phoenix AZ

98.75% of MESMERICA audience members are first time visitors to the Arizona Science Centre...This is a completely different audience than who usually comes to ASC.

John Thompson


Partnering with WORLDS was one of the best decisions for our venue. The direct revenue generated with their support has been crucial for our financial stability and growth.

Kathleen Meyer

Sr Event Sales Coordinator, OMSI, Portland need pic

Sold out in an astonishingly short time…MESMERICA has brought a steady stream of visitors and showcased our dome and venue. MESMERICA is an exceptional experience for planetarium and museums across the country.

Alex Rodriguez

Operations Lead

The partnership with WORLDS has been a game-changer for our venue. We have not only paid off debts but also experienced substantial revenue growth.

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Venue Spotlight

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More info

How it works

Learn more about our unique operation

No License Fees

Our model is completely different - we pay you!

Turnkey Operation

We take care of everything

Live dashboard

See your earnings in real time

Exceptional Customer Service

Ticket buyers are treated exceptionally well

"Not sure who but I can let you know in your organisation, but we'll just have to wait… …your responsiveness, and customer service is truly amazing”“No-one makes it this easy and I really appreciate your help”“I want to thank you for such a wonderful experience with customer service.”“You are the most efficient customer service team I’ve dealt with in years!!!”“ You guys are THE BEST!!!”

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Start your journey towards becoming a WORLDS™️ venue

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